Who can use FitnessPods?

Anyone who has made a booking through our website can use FitnessPods. Children over the age of 12 may use FitnessPod if supervised by an adult. Please check with your GP before embarking on a fitness programme.

How Many Users Per Pod?

We have a strict policy of 3 users per pod. Any members breaking this rule will have their user membership deleted and will not be permitted to use FitnessPod in the future. 

Can I use FitnessPods on my own?

FitnessPods are not supervised so for safety reasons there should be at least 2 persons present – friend, partner, family member or trainer.

If you bring a guest who is not registered with FitnessPod please make sure they read and abide by the rules, terms and conditions. 

Can I bring my children?

No under 12's admitted to any area of the FitnessPods due to safety reasons. Anyone aged between 12 – 18 must be supervised at all times during the session by a responsible adult. 

Can I bring a personal trainer to the FitnessPod?

Yes. We would actively encourage you to bring a personal trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals. But please note each FitnessPod has a maximum of 3 guests. 

If you are looking for a personal trainer please email us enquiries@fitnesspod.im and we will send you details of our recommended trainer. 

I'm a personal trainer, can I use FitnessPod?

Yes. We are happy for you to book whatever sessions you wish and bring your clients to FitnessPod. Please note usual rules, including maximum users, apply. 

Can I Book by Telephone?

No, sorry we have no facility to accept payments by telephone. Our Island unique online booking system will easily guide you through making and paying for a booking but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any difficulties.

How much does it cost?

Each pod is booked in one hour sessions and each session costs £10.00. This is the cost per pod not per person so if you share the pod with a friend you half your costs. Our daytime session until 4.30pm are currently £6.50 per hour per pod.

Is there a membership fee?

No. FitnessPods are booked on a pay and go basis. You only need to register as a user to enable you to make online bookings. There's no complicated membership contract and no minimum or maximum number of bookings you must make. Our membership database is held on a secure server and details will not be shared with third parties. 

Do I need an induction?

It is not compulsary to attend an induction. FitnessPod has been designed to be as fully automated and user friendly as possible.

However we would be happy to meet you there and give you a tour of the facilities and further instructions on the equipment – just call us on (07624) 488843 or use the contact page

How do I gain access to the building?

When you have made a booking and paid for a session at FitnessPod our clever booking sytem will email you a six digit access code. If you have entered your mobile number on your user profile this access code will also be sent via text. Use this code on the day & time of your booking by entering it on the keypad located by the main door.

Will my door code work more than once?

Your door code will be active from half an hour before your booked start time until the end of your session. It can be used as many times as needed throughout this period. So if you have a friend meeting you there feel free to pass the code onto them. Or if you've left something in the car it's no problem to pop out but don't forget your code!

How do I turn on the lights?

You don't! All the FitnessPods and the bathroom are fitted with motion sensors to control the lighting. The corridor lights stay on 24 hours a day and we have a motion sensor controlled light outside for your peace of mind.

The exercise machines are switched on by one master switch in each GymPod located on the back wall. Please turn off the machines and televisions at the end of your session. 

How do I book & pay?

All sessions are booked online and paid for using a debit or credit card through our website. You can also add a prepaid balance to your user account for easier and quicker booking of future sessions. 

Can I cancel a booked session?

Yes. Simply log into your membership via the bookings tab and select the session you wish to cancel. Please note cash or card refunds are not issued. The value of your cancelled session(s) will be added as a balance to your membership account to be used for your next FitnessPod booking. If you cancel your session within 24 hours of the start time then no refund credit will be issued unless that session is booked by another user. 

Are there instructions for the equipment?

Yes. You will find a folder with instructions for each piece of equipment in the FitnessPod or view them online from the Take a Tour webpage. Or alternatively if you would rather familiarise yourself with these at home please email enquiries@fitnesspod.im and we will email you a PDF copy. 

Are there rules for FitnessPod?

Yes the rules are displayed in each of the FitnessPod or click here to view them. You must also click to accept the rules before you can make a booking so please make sure you are fully aware of them.